Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Peachy in Georgia!!

I absolutely love the German bearded Iris when it blooms.

Being here in Georgia for nine years has allowed me to plant with the expectation that I would be able to enjoy them. That was something that I missed as we moved while my husband was in the Air Force.

The Beverly Sills bearded iris blooms in "Late Spring" .

This variety is supposed to be a "rebloomer".....let's hope it is!

I was telling my sister in Birmingham how easy they are to grow. After we had returned to our house in Oklahoma after renting it for 17 years, I discovered behind the house an iris blooming that one of our tenants had dug up and thrown away. It is amazing that they live with little....or in that care at all.

Happy Digging,


  1. hi gwen,

    what a lovely home and garden you have. so beautiful. i have lots of very old roses and irises that i don't know the name of. my neighbor (with the rose fence) grows tons of things that i've never even heard of. those roses grow in only morning light too. amazing. how on earth did you find my blog?
    happy mothers day.


  2. Somptuous iris!!!Love the delicacy of the shade. A bientôt!!♥